Epidemiology and Physiopathology of Enterovirus Diseases (EPIE)

Leader : Jean-Luc Bailly

The research activities are focused on human enterovirus infections, viral circulation dynamics, and an emerging topic related to an environmental issue. The unit produced 44 ACL publications (1.6 publications/ETP/year) ; 20% were co-authored with foreign researchers. Five PhD theses were initiated (3 still ongoing). The unit hosted 3 foreign students (6 internships of 1 – 4 months). Members of the unit are involved in the activities of the National Reference Center for enterovirus and parechovirus and in expertise activities to national health authorities.

The main field of expertise is human virology and concerns specifically enteroviruses as a model of enteric RNA viruses involved in acute epidemic diseases. The research activities will be focused on (1) the spatiotemporal dynamics of enteroviruses through clinical-environmental surveillance and (2) the investigation of cellular and molecular factors involved in the pathophysiology of central nervous system infections.